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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Are women more trustworthy than men?

Some say, 'Never trust a woman,' but who can be trusted more? Is there even any kind of natural or biological way in which this can be measured? Why are women considered to be more trustworthy than men? Because they are stereotypically seen to be more caring, nurturing, motherly? Or are women naturally more trustworthy than men? Who cheats the most, who tells more lies? This is a very difficult question, especially when you consider that something like gender can be very fluid. However, for some organizations, like the The World Food Programme (WFP) (​women), the answer is pretty clear-cut.

Women and children are usually those who suffer the most in countries where food is scarce and poverty is rife. WFP is  now trying to empower women in these countries by distributing food solely to women, as it's thought to be the best way a whole family gets fed. By providing women with food, the WFP believes that hunger and poverty can be sufficiently alleviated. What do you think of this?

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  1. People in the third world country don't need food distribution. All they need is the end of their exploitation on their land.


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