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Friday, March 1, 2013

Playboy SA's amazing cover

Okay so normally I wouldn't associate Playboy with helping or advancing the women's right movement, or anything remotely tasteful. Yet, with their March issue cover, they have impressed me.

No means no. The question needn't be asked right? Wrong. For so many men in South Africa and around the world the issue of rape - much to our disgust - is not a big deal. Some men might argue that the woman was asking for it or that she dressed too provocatively. Yet, no means no. Without consent, you are in fact raping someone. You are having sex with someone against their will.

I love how a publication such as Playboy, a notoriously chauvinistic magazine, brings the issue of consent to light. And on the cover?!

Their readership are probably 99% heterosexual males. I love the idea of preaching to men instead of women protesting issues of rape. We as women can protest all we want in support of victims - a great way to show our disgust for perpetrators and support for victims. Yet, men who rape will more likely stop raping when other men stop condoning their behaviour.

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