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Friday, March 11, 2011

Attacking with Acid in Asia

Parts of Asia are well-known for acid attacks on women. In Bangladesh, these attacks are very common and are mostly a form of domestic violence and abuse. It is also often used to enforce the caste system, where those from a higher caste might use acid as a way to put someone, who acted out of their caste, in their place. In other cases, such as Cambodia, these attacks are usually carried out by wives who attack their husbands' mistresses. In Pakistan, these horrific violations are at an all time high and is increasing on a daily basis. Here, attacks are most often the work of husbands against their wives, that is when the husband feels that the wife has 'dishonoured' him. 

Do people know that this is a problem that is just getting worse? It doesn't occur every now and then, but on a daily basis. This is how some men decide to take their revenge on women, for something that is often perceived as a 'miss step', within an extremely patriarchal structure. 

 Here is a documentary based on these attacks:


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