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Thursday, March 24, 2011


As a woman, ever thought what you'd do without sanitary products? In a country like Uganda, with limited resources, millions of teenage girls skip up to 20% of the school year. 


Because they struggle to afford mainstream sanitary products, such as pads and tampons,  when they menstruate. They are said to use newspaper, toilet paper and old clothing as a substitute. Their absenteeism from school has majorly affected the girls' studies and has hampered their academic potential. The solution? AFRIpads. This is a cheap, washable, environmentally-freindly, cloth pad. The pads have not only ensured that the girls attend school, but it's also empowering local women who manufacture these pads and at the same time boosts the local economy. These pads have also helped to enhance their health, since its much more sanitary than using other materials such as newspaper. 

This really puts in perspective the kind of things we take for granted. Also think about local and how buying local can help benefit poor local communities. When you pick up a can of whole peeled tomatoes at the supermarket, there might be one for R6, 50 and one for R7, 98. The cheaper one is most likely from China and the more expensive one made locally. Think before you buy.

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