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Friday, October 19, 2012

Are we bum obsessed?

In light of our November issue, where we feature a story on 'Would you recognize your own bum?' (page 88), I though it would be interesting to chat about our derrières.
Every year Brazil holds an event called the "Miss Bum Bum" pageant. This contest of course judges the best bum of the year. "[Brazilians] definitely have a thing with butts," said Brazilian Graciela Murano,writer and editor for Oddee, noting that "bumbum" is the word most commonly used in Brazil to refer to someone's rear end. This is quite a strict competition and those who win are usually pretty honoured.
Millions of people voting that you have the best bum in the country? That sounds damn good, doesn't it?
Most of the world seems to be completely and utterly obsessed with bums, for example by always commenting on Kim K's every bumilicious outfit (above).
But the question is: Are we more obsessed with our bottoms that with other parts of our bodies? I don't really think so, especially since lately we seem to be hyper-sensitive about basically any mere bodily flaw.
Which part of your body are you most critical of? Why do you think this is?
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