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Monday, September 3, 2012

Is 'Lesbian Chic' now a trend?

I never really thought of one’s sexual orientation as being  trend-worthy- and I don’t think it should be. However, begs to differ. In a recent article on their site, they revealed this season’s hottest new trend, that is ‘Lesbian chic’.
Yes, because all lesbians dress alike, just like all straight people dress alike, right? Um not.
They are then basically stating that lesbians were recently ‘invented’, THAT’s why they’re now trending. In their article, they explore the growing ‘trend’ of ‘Lesbian chic’, brought on by ‘high-vis lady love’, seen about town. In other worlds more high-profile lesbian couples in the media.
Here’s a snippet from their article:
I think it’s ridiculous to call ‘Lesbian chic’ a trend. There are no such thing as ‘a lesbian way of dressing’. Of course, we have stereotypes, but these are JUST easy ways for us to generalize. There are no ‘straight chic’, or ‘homosexual way of dressing’. People are people, thus they are different and all have their own unique ways of being and dressing. Sure certain sub-groups might, at times, dress similarly; but you simply cannot generalize for an entire sexual orientation.
What do you think?

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