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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Are transsexual models just being used?

German designer, Philipp Plein, certainly knows how to draw attention by using controversial models, such as Lindsay Lohan. His latest pick? Transsexual model, Lea T. She is one of the most famous transsexual models in the business and was cast to open and close his show at Milan Fashion Week. A massive honour for a model. I really appreciate this choice. Why not use transsexual models. It’s all about the look, no? And Lea T certainly has the look. I only object to this idea if and when these models are being used for shock value. This is often the case. Trans models, like Andrej Pejic for HEMA or Stav Strashko for Toyota, are often used to give an ad campaign or runway show that something extra. But should that something extra be based on these models’ transsexual status? Aren’t they then just being used?

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