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Monday, November 12, 2012

The Marie Antoinette complex

What is the Marie Antoinette complex? It relates to that whole ‘let them eat cake’ attitude that Marie Antoinette apparently displayed towards her starving countrymen. It’s not so much about whether she actually said this; but more about the actual idea of it. The attitude.

Latest research shows that the rich and famous are in fact more prone to care less and to be more greedy. Here are a couple of people we believe might just have that 'let them eat cake' attitude:
Last year, a massive fan of hers handed her a bunch of flowers at an event. Madonna was later overheard on microphone muttering to a friend that she absolutely hates hydrangeas - the flowers he had given her. She added: "He obviously doesn't know that." Um, are you that self-centred?
Kim Kardashian
After having the most lavish wedding ever seen on reality TV (or in Hollywood for that matter), Kim K filed for divorce a mere 72 days into her marriage with Kris Humphies. Lots of people criticized her for wasting a boat load of money. Money that could have changed millions of people's lives.
Nonhle Thema
The ex-Dark and Lovely ambassador had a famous Twitter meltdown last year. As she started losing sponsorships her bragging seemed to escalate. She went on and on about how much money she has, how famous she is and that poor people hate her because they are jealous of her. She's famous for telling people to 'sit down', a.k.a to bugger off.
Gina Rinehart
The world's richest woman whose family money comes via iron-ore mining is known for her ridiculous 'advice'. She recently advised the world's "jealous" poor to stop whining and drinking and  "thinks Australia's struggling mining industry should look to Africa for inspiration. There, miners "are willing to work for less than $2 per day," reports Newser online. As Nonhle Thema would say: "Sit down".
  Karl Lagerfeld "Adele is fat." "Pippa Middleton is ugly." "No one wants to see curvy women." Just a few of this fashion designer's gems.

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