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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mormons for Prop 8

Watched this yesterday, The Mormon Proposition. I cannot believe how hateful and disturbingly hypocritical some people can be! This is so disgusting, especially for those who say they are Christians but leave their children to live on the street when they tell their parents they are gay...This is just the trailer, but try to watch it, really opens your eyes!


  1. 0:08 Commander Sulu! (

  2. I did not see the movie but the trailer is extremely one sided and dishonest at best. The people being quoted were saying things that are not true. Here are some corrections:

    1. Mormons did not organize Prop 8. They were asked by other religious groups to support it and they did so wholeheartedly.

    2. No one was coerced or threatened to contribute to prop 8. The members were only asked to do all they can to support it but were told that it was their choice. However, members are very supportive of church leaders. There were allot of members that did not support it.

    3. The clip showing president Monson saying "nothing can defeat us" was taken out of context. This was not a talk about gay marriage. It was saying that no one can stop us from moving forward in faith.

    4. The non monetary contributions by the church were things like plane trips by leaders who in their travels supported prop 8. The church dug up this information because of angry nit pickers.

    5. The church does not believe that same gender attraction is a sin. but it does not support gay activities or marriage. God does not create people to be sinful. But there are lots of problems people have to deal with in this fallen world.

    6. Just a reminder that more total money and more out of state money was spent against prop 8 then for it and yet it still won. Every time this issue has come up for a popular vote, gay marriage has failed. The average person in the US does not support gay marriage. Mormons are not some sort of fringe minority activist group.

  3. While some of this may be true, I do believe that Mormons believe that same sex relationships are wrong and that people aren't born gay but choose to be gay. This I believe is completely wrong. Tell me, you are obviously not a supporter of gay marriage, right? So why do you even read this blog? I really want to know, because this blog supports equality in gender, marriage, race, etc. And fights for a hateless society...


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